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Below you can find our most frequently asked questions. For any other enquiries, please fill out our form on the CONTACT page.

Refund Policy.

If Field of Screams is unable to operate due to changes in regulation or for any other reason, we will be offering full refunds minus an administration fee to cover the credit card charge.

It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ensure they are able to attend the date that they purchase their ticket, and Field of Screams will not be offering refunds if the ticket holder is unable to attend the event for any reason.

Field of Screams does not require proof of ID for ticket holders. Should your ticket get stolen, or if another party uses your ticket, Field of Screams is not responsible for any lost or stolen tickets.

Field of Screams will not be requiring proof of vaccination as it is classified as an outdoor event in accordance with the BC Centre for Disease Control Guidelines.

How scary? Suitable for kids?

We generally say that the event is for young adults and adults only, but it is at the parents' discretion if they choose to bring their children. This year, we have implemented a dark maze with no sets and no actors; it will be a regular corn maze in the pitch black in a cornfield. The three-staged mazes are designed to scare.

Are there any rules for the event?

We have a no-touch policy which protects our actors as well as our visitors. Please respect this rule.

There is a no drinking alcohol policy which we will be enforcing. It is for the safety of our actors and visitors; if there is the slightest indication that an individual has been drinking, they will be asked to leave and come back another time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Becoming a sponsor for Field of Screams?

We have been fortunate enough in the evolution of Field of screams to have partnered with fantastic sponsors who have been an integral part of helping us put on this great event. If you are a business that would like to become part of this fun-filled event, please contact us directly via email at

Where do I park?

All parking for the event will be in the corn field; there will be signage directing you where to go and parking attendants to keep the traffic flowing. Entering and  Exiting the event will occur off of  St. Anne's Road.

What time does it start?

We will be accepting prepaid tickets and payments starting at 6:30 PM, the mazes open at 7:00 PM.

Why purchase online vs gate.

TICKETS ARE LIMITED THIS YEAR! There will only be a certain number of people admitted into the event for 2023. Having your tickets pre-purchased will guarantee you a spot. It also speeds up the lineups at our point-of-sale.

Can I be a part of the event?

We have been fortunate enough to have staff and volunteers from day one. Unfortunately, not everyone can return every year, and we are always looking for individuals to fill our vacancies.


We will be posting online for positions that need to be filled from actors, security, parking attendants, point-of-sale, or to fill in as a support helper for our actors. If you are an individual who likes to have fun, enjoys interacting with people, and wants to become part of our Halloween family, please fill out the form on our "Become An Actor" page or email

We do our best to accommodate wheelchair access. The mazes are 46" wide, which will accommodate most wheelchair models. 

Are the mazes wheelchair friendly?

You can! But please do not wear a mask. This is for the safety of our guests and staff members.

Can I wear a costume?

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