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Field of Screams has graced the hearts and souls of Okanagan residents since 2013, when the event was first introduced at O’Keefe Ranch. It originated as the brainchild of Glen Taylor, the manager of O’Keefe Ranch at the time, who had built a corn maze that was used throughout the summer to enhance visitors' experience. He was looking for ways of extending the season into October with a theme around Halloween, and for that year, the Science Centre joined O’Keefe Ranch and put on the first annual Field of Screams event. 


At that time, Glen met Matt Brown, the now creative directing evil genius behind Field of Screams. Matt Brown is an experienced actor and acting teacher with a history of working in the film, television, and theatre industries. He manages to combine his love of horror and the bizarre with his acting background to bring Field of Screams to life in the scariest way possible! Throughout the years since they first met, these two individuals have become the architects of fear behind the Okanagan’s number one must-see event. 

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