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Since its inception in 2013 at O’Keefe Ranch, Field of Screams has been etched into the memories of Okanagan residents. The brainchild of Glen Taylor, then-manager of O’Keefe Ranch, the event stemmed from his desire to extend the summer season into October with a Halloween-themed attraction. Partnering with the Science Centre, the first annual Field of Screams event was launched, leveraging a corn maze built by Taylor to enhance visitors’ experiences earlier in the summer.


It was during this inaugural event that Taylor crossed paths with Matt Brown, the mastermind behind the creative direction of Field of Screams. Brown, a seasoned actor and acting instructor with a rich background in film, television, and theatre, seamlessly merges his passion for horror with his theatrical expertise to breathe life into Field of Screams in the most terrifying manner imaginable. Since their fateful meeting, Taylor and Brown have evolved into the sinister architects behind Okanagan’s premier Halloween attraction.

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